Naughty Lola Cotton Front Zip Corset


This fun classic style Corset is in a 100 percent Cotton fabric. It features a bow at the top, a sexy zipper in the front and laces up the back. This design is a favorite among Hot Rod enthusiasts and Pin Up Models.

Naughty Lola Corsets are hand made in the United States. They utilize heavy weight flexible plastic boning that is well stitched inside.

Corset Sizing:Ladies these are real corsets so they are meant to be TIGHT! We list the sizes each is meant for - these are NOT the actual corset measurements , they are what size you should order if you are this bust size.

Size Small: For Bust sizes 30 / 34.

Size Medium: For Bust sizes 34/36.

Size Large: For Bust sizes 36 / 38.

Size XL: For Bust sizes 38 / 42